Côté Sun Hôtels is the reflection of our own vision of the hotelier’s profession. A vision that we share with our teams, partners and clients.

A vision based on strong values that are the strength of our brand:

MODERNITY: Thinking about the customer’s needs of today and tomorrow, innovating constantly, staying curious and attentive to our environment and its evolution, taking a new look at ourselves each day, considering technology as an opportunity rather than a threat, all of these are commitments that guide our teams. In practice, this approach is reflected in our establishments by modern spaces providing plenty of easy accessible and efficient services for professional or individual clients.

GENEROSITY: Beyond numbers and profitability, our aim is to have fully satisfied clients. Being generous by offering them a huge number of services is a way to prove to them that Reunion’s hotel industry is able to find appropriate and innovative solutions and that responsible companies really exist!

CONVIVIALITY: The more we travel, the more we are happy to find hotels in the world which are stylish, welcoming, atypical, a place to live where we enjoy staying, meeting and connecting with the staff. For this reason, the establishments of the Côté Sun Hôtels group are, first of all, living spaces where everyone should feel good, as well as spaces of encounter and discovery, not only of work.

Some figures

Côté Sun Hôtels, that is:

  • An independent group whose capital is owned by Christian and Shahéda Wolff
  • An administrative team of 5 persons working full time
  • A hundred direct jobs created in our hotels
  • Dozens of partners (financial, institutional, tax exemption partners…) with whom we are proud to build every day this adventure both business and human
  • 6 hotels on Reunion Island including 2 opened in November 2015 (Hotel Le Saint-Pierre and Hotel Le Dina Morgabine)
  • 2 hotel projects having already obtained a building permit and which will be opened by 2018 with a value of 15 million Euros
  • Hundreds of clients happy to discover modern, innovative and humane hotels
  • An occupancy rate of about 80%
  • Gross operating results of often more than 30% (beyond the average of hotels)